CasinoTraq - Software for Casino Security Surveillance and Records Management

CASINOTRAQ is a leading-edge web-based software solution designed to meet the information sharing needs of your casino’s Security and Surveillance departments. Designed to be used in either single or multi-casino operations, CasinoTraq encourages information sharing at all levels of a casino’s operations, from Security Officer to General Manager.

A comprehensive set of functions will allow for efficient entry, storage, sharing, and retrieval of all operational data about your casino. Built in reporting, including automatic emailing and scheduled reports, allow for efficient operation without multiple software packages.


  • Incident/Event Reporting
  • Management/Gaming Commission Reporting
  • Vendor/Visitor Logs
  • Player/Employee Evaluations
  • Card Counting Predictor
  • Banned Person ‘86’ Lists
  • Shift Schedules & Assigned Duties
  • Machine Malfunction/Repair Logs
  • Single or Multi-Casino Information Sharing
  • Lost and Found Tracking
  • Shift Reports, Daily Shift Schedules, Activity Logs
  • Incident Specific Communication and Approval Channels
  • Banned/Self Excluded Person List
  • Guest Demographics

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PDF : CasinoTraq Security and Surveillance System

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