Escort - Prisoner Transport System

The ESCORT program is a Web-based Transportation Web Portal designed for transport schedulers and county, state and federal agencies to arrange and coordinate prisoner transfers both intra and inter-state.


Sheriffs and government agencies across the country incur substantial costs in the transportation of inmates between county correctional facilities, courts, and state correctional institutions. As prison populations increase, the financial and administrative burdens of prisoner transport will only grow. There are ways to make these processes more efficient – reducing duplication of effort, streamlining communications between agencies. But until recently, these efficiencies have been nearly impossible to realize.


Emerald Systems ESCORT application is a Web-enabled Transportation Web Portal design using Microsoft’s .NET architecture. It allows transport schedulers and county, state and federal agencies to easily arrange and coordinate prisoner transfers both intra- and inter-state. ESCORT also allows correctional agency staff to view all prisoners that are arriving or being picked up at their facility on a given date. Additionally, ESCORT includes a process for jail administrators to post bed space requirements and bed space needs for more effective use of facilities.

Operational Efficiency:

ESCORT also allows correctional facility staff to view all prisoners that are arriving or being picked up at their facility on a given date. For sheriffs and county jail administrartors, ESCORT provides the capability to collaborate on the transfer of inmates and minimize transportation and personnel costs.

Improved Safety:

ESCORT increases transportation security, allowing officers to spend more time on the streets to focus on crime prevention.

Reduced Administrative Costs:

ESCORT eliminates substantial administrative overhead for agencies and for those companies providing commercial services to corrections facilities. Clients can enter their own schedule requirements and then have those coordinated by your staff to meet specific needs.

Customizable Design:

Regional and national transportation requirements can be easily accommodated through ESCORT's extensive and customizable framework.

Easy to Use:

ESCORT provides an easy to use Wizard that creates a step through process for scheduling a trip and managing the related processes.

Automatic E-Mail Notification:

The ESCORT architecture eliminates duplicative processes by allowing adminstrators to set business rules so e-mails about scheduling information and events are automatically generated and directed to the correct parties.

Information Viewing Features:

  • ESCORT provides extensive scheduling and management features for viewing
  • Schedules and selected monthly schedules with color-coded trips
  • Entire Trip Schedules with all of its stops, pick up points and drop offs
  • Detailed prisoner information (pop-up screen)
  • Description of prisoner classification issues such as medical condition, violence, or other alerts

ESCORT Data Management Features allow for:

  • Filtering information by agency
  • Creating trips
  • Adding multiple stops, pickup and delivery points
  • Adding prisoners from multiple agencies
  • Adding vehicle stats
  • Editing or deleting information as required
  • Managing an approval/deny process
  • Cancellation and auto notification process

Data Searching and Reporting Features:

  • Filtered Searches
  • Reports
    • Trip Report
    • Cost/Savings Estimation
    • Report by prisoner (optional)
  • Administration

Learn More:

For more information on ESCORT, please contact Syncronous, LLC..

(sales@syncronous.com) and request a power point overview of the application or a brochure