PYRAMID - Drug Task Force Case Management System

PYRAMID is the most leading edge web-based drug task force case management application available today. PYRAMID allows agencies across a region, state or nation to work together in the interdiction of drug trafficking and to process gang drug related activity.

Robust Management and Collaboration

PYRAMID provides extensive records management as well as a gang and intelligence tracking system. PYRAMID provides investigators with robust management and collaboration capabilities.

Secure Data and Intelligence Tracking

PYRAMID tracks every piece of information that is vital to drug investigation processes, gang activity, and intelligence assessment. PYRAMID provides a high level of security for informants and investigations and the general information associated with persons, weapons, vehicles, etc.

Real-Time Secure Collaboration

PYRAMID focuses on providing C3 capabilities:

  1. Encrypted Communication between investigators, agencies and task forces
  2. Selective Collaboration to share files across agencies and task forces
  3. Cross Referencing of information across all agencies and task forces in real-time


PYRAMID is a robust tool that assists law enforcement officials with a secure intelligence module for tracking tips & leads, suspects, and gang information.

Data Management Features:

  • Secure Investigation, Intelligence, Gang and Informant Management
  • Officer notes as well as notes for informants and investigations
  • Management and tracking of people, vehicles, incidents, drug buys, seizures, arrests, convictions, and funds
  • 28 CFR Part 23 Compliant for secure intelligence management

Secure Collaboration Features:

  • Selected collaboration between participating agencies
  • Secure 'invitation only' collaboration processes and information sharing
  • Encrypted secure messaging (bypasses e-mail) for sharing notes between investigators
  • Information Broadcast function for alerts, APBs, or requests

Searching & Information Retrieval Features:

  • Secure search capabilities across all agencies and task forces
  • Search of external databases over the Internet
  • File locking option for investigations, intelligence, and informants to prevent search
  • Instant Cross reference capabilities on people and vehicles

Reporting Capabilities:

  • Extensive Reporting Processes for administration and management
  • Embedded Word Processing for narratives
  • UCR Reports Process for RMS logging
  • Electronic Reporting to state justice agencies
  • Reports for managing multiple investigation processes

Data Tracking:

  • UCR FACE Sheet Reporting Data
  • Incident Reporting Data
  • State Tracking Information
  • Intelligence Information Database for Tips & Leads
  • Suspects
  • Gangs and Gang Members
  • Investigations
  • Offenses/Incidents, Persons, Aliases, Identification #s, Associates, Body Marks, Photos, Vehicles, Activities, Weapons, Arrests, Drug Buys, Seizures/Evidence, Expenses, Search Warrants (Forms), and gang affiliation

Cross Referenced Relationships:

Extensive attention has been given to cross referencing of relationships. PYRAMID provides investigators with a valuable tool to cross reference people, associates, and vehicles. When a cross reference is done against a person of a new associate or of a person who is under investigation, the result will return the following information:

  • All agencies where that person is part of an active or inactive investigation
  • All people with whom that person has any relationship including any investigations to which they may be tied
  • All persons and associates that may have any relationship to the cross referenced party
  • All gang and gang member affiliations
  • All informants who have not been locked

A vehicle cross reference provides:

  • Vehicle identification and ownership information
  • Person demographic information on the owner including prior arrests, photos, tattoos, and associates
  • Any agencies who may have that person under investigation and associates identified as part of that investigation

Additional Data

  • Informant Data: Demographics, Security Access, Vehicles, Legal Documents, Notes for tracking activity
  • Reports: All reports utilize an embedded word processor to create a professional reporting process and for easy storage and retrieval of documents
  • Attachments: PYRAMID provides for quick attachment of documents, photos, audio and video files to investigations

PYRAMID uses Microsoft SQL Server

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